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Hugr Authentic Connections is a mental wellness app designed to help people feel connected. Through the self-guided digital program, businesses and their employees can measure their level of social connection, discover how to build and maintain authentic connections, and regularly share how they’re feeling with those closest to them.

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How does a user benefit from Hugr?

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Understand their level of social connection by completing self-awareness check-ins—identifying strengths and opportunities for growth and action.

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Develop evidence-based skills to identify and close gaps in their social connections through iCBT-based learning.

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Track and view trends to see correlations in things like their social connection charge, experience at work, loneliness, isolation and anxiety.

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Share their journey with those closest to them so the caring and trusted people in their lives can seamlessly know how they’re feeling.

How does the app help employees and businesses?

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For employees:

  • Hugr Authentic Connections works for everyone—no matter where they are on their mental well-being journey
  • Gives employees the skills to develop engaging and meaningful social connections in support of their mental well-being
  • When bad days happen, they have easy access to integrated support and tools
  • Normalizes the importance of personal mental well-being and reduces stigma
  • Helps employees forge psychologically safe and meaningful social connections at work and home

For businesses:

  • Promoting Hugr Authentic Connections demonstrates a timely commitment to employee well-being—particularly while we’re experiencing unprecedented stress and social isolation
  • Employees will develop new knowledge and skills and feel a greater sense of connection at work, resulting in higher engagement, retention, productivity and performance
  • Hugr Authentic Connections is a valuable, evidence-based addition to their workplace well-being toolkit that will proactively support all employees

Why the focus on social connection?

Hugr's origin story is inspiring and born of lived experience. In the face of severe depression and desperate for answers, Hugr co-creator Scott Borys carefully tracked his daily activities and worked to find ways to stay connected to his trusted support system. The result was a much faster diagnosis from his doctor and a deep understanding of the immense importance social connections play in overall mental well-being.

Scott learned that:

  • Feeling connected is critical to good mental well-being
  • When social connections are weak, people feel lonely and isolated and their overall well-being suffers
  • There was a gap that needed to be filled in mental wellness programs that focused on authentic social connections

This lived experience is also backed by research that has found the degree that employees feel connected matters—and can predict employee resiliency and productivity.

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