Mental fitness for becoming the best version of you

Hugr is a mental fitness app to help improve resiliency.

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How Hugr Works

Hugr introduces you to a mental fitness plan, similar to a physical fitness plan, with evidence-based activities to support your practice in flourishing. Here’s how it works:


Measure Your emotional, flourishing, and energy levels

Develop a plan with your focus and vision

Build a Team to support you

Practice Flourishing with daily, weekly, and monthly activities

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Your practice to flourishing = 10 minutes a day with Hugr


Highlighted Features

Hugr is full of features to support your commitment to mental wellness:

Notifications to complete your daily, weekly, and monthly activities

Weekly email summary of your activities

Supportive nudges or encouragement when you share activities with your team

Inspirational quotes to encourage you on your journey

Personalized trends to see your progress and where you may need to make adjustments

Listen to or read Dr. Howatt’s Five F’s and tips for resiliency

Direct links to EFAP and crisis support are at your fingertips if you need or desire them

How does Hugr help Employees and Businesses?

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For employees

Hugr works for everyone - no matter where they are on their mental well-being journey

Gives employees the skills to support their mental well-being

When bad days happen, they have easy access to integrated support and tools

Normalizes the importance of personal mental well-being and reduces stigma

Helps employees forge psychologically safe and meaningful social connections at work and at home

For employers

Promoting Hugr demonstrates a timely commitment to employee well-being

Employees will develop new knowledge and skills and feel a greater sense of flourishing, resulting in higher engagement, retention, productivity and performance

Hugr is a valuable, evidence-based addition to their workplace well-being toolkit that will proactively support all employees

Full of features to assist your journey

  Free Premium
Daily Journal
Select your Focus
(Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships, Career or Money)
Create and manage your Vision
Daily Emotional Check-in
Weekly Flourishing Check-in
Monthly Energy Check-in
Social Connection Check-in
Isolation Check-in
Loneliness Check-in
Readiness to Change Check-in
View current and previous Daily Journal entries
View latest Flourishing Check-in score
View latest Emotional Check-in score
View latest Energy Check-in score
View latest Social Connection Check-in score
Daily Journal
Daily Emotional Check-in
Weekly Flourishing Check-in
Monthly Energy Check-in
Team Invitations
Weekly Email Summary of Activities
Build, manage, and share with your team    
Send unlimited invitations
Add unlimited team members
Remove added team members
Share Daily Journal
Manage share settings for each team member
View Team activity stream
Send nudges to team members
Share Focus and F-stage
Share Daily Emotional Check-in
Share Weekly Flourishing Check-in
Monthly Energy Check-in
Share Social Check-ins
Social Connection, Isolation, Loneliness, Readiness for Change
Listen to or read 36 Resiliency Tips
Listen to or read 4 F-It Modules
Listen to or read 7 Isolation & Loneliness Modules
Added support when needed    
Connected to ARIVE EAP
List of Crisis Services support in Canada
Use offline
Choose to sync or not sync data when online
Available in French and English
Haptic Feedback
Share only what you want, with those that you want

Get Hugr premium for free with Chambers Plan

Proudly working with Arete and Chambers Plan to bring Hugr premium features to the insurance and benefits industry in Canada. Chambers Plan members receive Premium access.

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Flourish With 10 Minutes A Day Of Hugr

Practice flourishing by spending only 10 minute a day with Hugr. Let us turn your daily 10 minutes into readable statitics of your mental fitness for your week, month or year.

Dr. Bill Howatt's books

Built on a proven mental fitness foundation

Hugr leverages the Stop Hiding F-IT model, and The Cure to Loneliness program for creating authentic connections to ensure we blended evidence-based content and technology with one goal; to support individuals to flourish. The Employers Handbook provides guidance on how to facilitate mental fitness prevention design to help employees flourish and to reduce their risk for mental harm.

-- Dr. Bill Howatt

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Our Partners

Since 2017, Hugr has been developed with lived experience, in co-design with psychological health and safety leaders, continual industry feedback, and a scientific approach to improving the efficacy of the app.


Thank you to the Healthy Workplaces & Workplace Mental Health team of experts in providing co-design guidance and initiating a 6-month action research study.

HowattHR Logo

Thank you to Howatt HR Applied Workplace Research Institute for their role in the study, Examining the impact of the Hugr Authentic Connections digital mental fitness app on mitigating isolation and loneliness in the workplace.

Arete Logo

Thank you to Arete HR a business and employee assistance program provider for insurance firms across Canada, for co-design guidance and continual feedback and EFAP integration with Hugr.

Johnston Group Logo

Thank you to Johnston Group who provides employee benefit solutions to over 30,000 Canadian companies, for their excellence, co-design guidance, and including Hugr in the Chambers Plan.

Territorial logo

Thank you to the Territorial team of designers and developers who have attentively built Hugr from the ground up.


And so many other individuals, businesses and users of the app who have and continue to provide valuable feedback for improvement.

The History of Hugr



Scott's leave of absence & beginning of web app development



Web app beta



Mobile App Development



Focus on Isolation & Loneliness with WSPS co-design



Six-month action research study. Co-design with Arete HR & Johnston Group. Launch Hugr Authentic Connections to Chambers Plan across Canada



Evolving app to Mental Fitness



Our Journey Continues...