The Hugr Story

Scott as a sad ghost

About a year ago...

Scott (one of our two business partners) had a major depressive episode and took a leave from work - he didn’t know what was going on, and desperately needed to take some time and figure it out. As a company, we fully supported him. We didn’t always know how to do that well, but we tried.

Scott is awesome and wears a lot of hats, so as you can imagine, it affected how we do business. It changed how we work and what we focused on. We decided to go all in with International Road Dynamics (IRD), helping them build a digital product that would transform the way they do business. That product resulted in a 63.5 mil acquisition of IRD.


Scott started tracking everything in his life that he thought could be influencing his mental health with the goal of finding some answers with his doctor. His doctor was stunned by the results. Scott’s data tracking showed correlations between what he was doing, what he ate and drank, exercise, medication changes, and his mental health. It lead to a much faster mental health diagnosis of a bipolar spectrum disorder rather than the depression they had been treating him for.

During Scott’s depressive episode, his partner and friends were trying to support him – but there was a lot of fear. They had great intentions, but didn’t know how best to support him, and sure didn’t want to make it worse. Throughout it all, Scott trained his friends and family to support him. Admirable as it is, it was an exhausting and onerous task on top of the work it took to take care of himself.

Scott as a ghost teaching the Territorial team of ghosts.

Nine months later

Scott came back to work. He and Daren (the second of our two business partners) hunted for a silver lining in his experience. Should he write a book? Should he start sharing his experience through public speaking events? And then they realized, we should do what we do best - make a digital product. Something that could help people the way Scott helped himself, and ideally, fill the social support gaps he found.

Daren and Scott as ghosts high-fiving.

Territorial Creative

We’re Daren and Scott’s company. We’ve been around since 2004, and we plan to stick around for a very, very long time. We earned our stars doing branding, marketing, and websites, honing our skills in development, design, and strategy. Now, we do digital products. To learn more about Territorial, check out our website.

Hugr is built from our collective experience with anxiety, depression, and bipolar along with our research and is not a replacement for professional medical care.

Daren McLean
Daren McLean, CEO
Scott Borys
Scott Borys, COO
Arlin Schaffel
Arlin Schaffel, Mobile Lead
Kirstie Seier
Kirstie Seier, Designer

Why 'Hugr'?

Most people think that a person is made up of three things: the body, mind, and spirit/soul. Traditionally, Norse and Germanic people had a similar concept of the self: the body (Líkami), the mind/will (Munr) and ‘their very being’ – the Hugr. It’s also compared to memory, spirit, or soul.

It’s meaning, along with looking like ‘Hugger’ in English, is how the name stuck. Oh, and while Hugr is pronounced who-grr, we say Hugger.

Join Hugr

Our beta version is a preliminary, working version of Hugr that includes a handful of our planned features. The complete features list is based on our team’s collective experience with mental health along with research – but as we receive feedback from our beta users, and bring on medical professionals, that list will grow and change. Users are an invaluable part of identifying gaps, errors, and giving input for the future product.

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Thank you very much for your contribution to our project. Your help allows us build a better app for everyone.