Current Features

Message Board

Users have access to a closed message board that they share with their supporters. On this network, they’re able to support one another, check in, discuss interesting reading material, and more.


Users write down their thoughts, feelings, and events that have happened on a daily basis for emotional processing and to track events that affect their mental health. This will allow users to identify repeating mental health triggers and create plans to manage or avoid those events in the future.


Users track their anxiety, depression, mania, sleep, medications, activities, mood, and energy level.

Wellness Contracts

Relationships vary from person to person. Wellness contracts allow users and their support system to create individualized plans and notification systems for various mental health situations.

Emergency Notification

Users may find themselves in a dangerous state of mind. The emergency notification allows users to notify some / all of their support network for instant support

Message Board Journal Tracking Contracts Emergency

Future Business Features

Group of people

Team Insights

Get insights into your team's overall mental health with anonymous reports that respect your coworkers' privacy.

Chart with trendline

Team Trends

Identify correlations between work events and team morale for immediate action and future planning.

Light bulb

Anonymous Insights

Message anonymously and suggest company mental health resources to struggling employees.


Training Recommendations

Receive training recommendations personalized for your team.

Future Features


Wellness Toolkit

This allows users to compile resources that contribute positively to their wellbeing. Hugr suggests resources while allowing the user to add things like links, images, quotes, notes from friends, and list things that help them stay healthy

Magnifying Glass

Trend Analyzer

Trends in a user’s mood and health condition are analyzed over time for insight into various patterns. Pattern recognition allows users and their important people to see correlations, identifying exactly what’s contributing to their ups and downs.



User Education

Users with mental illness are educated about their illness, trained on coping mechanisms, and trained on how to interact with their support team.

Supporter Education

Important people are trained on how to interact with users, support users, and communicate positively.

Network diagram

Therapist / Coach Portal

Therapists and Coaches are able to manage different users in their support network. In this way, they’re able to add their clients so they can easily check in when required.

Phone with mental health tracking view on

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Our beta version is a preliminary, working version of Hugr that includes a handful of our planned features. The complete features list is based on our team’s collective experience with mental health along with research – but as we receive feedback from our beta users, and bring on medical professionals, that list will grow and change. Users are an invaluable part of identifying gaps, errors, and giving input for the future product.

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